C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professionals use C-Bus technology as the central nervous system to control the automation of all products and appliances within the relevant residential or commercial premises from lighting to irrigation, temperature control to multi media systems and everything else in between. Normally these products and appliances would be stand-alone and controlled individually, but with C-Bus a network is created to control multiple products and appliances at once and with one or multiple switches, keypads, touch screens and remotes. The technologies act intelligently and can be customised dependant upon the needs of the occupants; lighting scenes can be created and temperature control devices can be programmed to come on at specific times. Integration is about combining all of these various technologies to make life simpler, more efficient and more cost effective.

C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professionals only integrate third party products that can communicate with the C-Bus system and be controlled by it. These products are leaders in their industry and are either connected to the C-Bus system directly or communicate with the system via infrared connections.
Those third party products that can connect directly to the C-Bus system are part of the C-Bus Enabled Partners program and endorsed by Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd.

With just the simple touch of a button, C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professionals can integrate and allow you to control virtually every electrical appliance possible. It is about creating a complete system where products and appliances work together.

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