A C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professional will identify the automation and lighting control needs of the project and deliver tailored solutions to meet those needs. The sky is the limit, but everything specified is dependant upon what is required by the individual client. This includes understanding how the residential or commercial environment is expected to function now and into the future and thus how to integrate the system to perform to everyone's expectations.

This faze of the project involves producing detailed specifications on what the residential or commercial project will include whilst consulting all parties concerned such as architects, designers, consultants, specifiers, builders, electrical contractors and end users. All existing electrical devices including lighting, security, home cinema, irrigation and temperature control as well as those that could be introduced in the future are taken into consideration. Interfaces, such as switches, remotes, touch screens, PC access or mobile phone access, are also chosen to fit with the current or planned design of the building and its occupants, in terms of functionality and visual appeal. Visit for more information on the interfaces available with C-Bus.

C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professionals should always be involved in the early planning and design stage of the project to aid in establishing the “wish list” and thus give advice on how the new home or commercial premises can operate to its full potential.