Answers to some most commonly asked questions relating to C-Bus pointOne…

What can be integrated in a residential or commercial building?

Practically anything!

Whatever you require in your home or workplace and want to have controlled by one switch, one touch screen or one remote – a C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professional will do it for you.

Home theatre, irrigation, multi-room audio, lighting and security in the home.

Lighting, AV equipment, temperature control in commercial premises.

A lot of this equipment, which is normally, stand-alone, can be integrated into a C-Bus system to ensure easy and efficient control around the home or commercial premises. Instead of having a different remote to separately control all of your content delivery systems, from home theatre and multi-room audio to lighting and AV equipment, C-Bus brings all of this technology together.

There are third parties who design and develop commercial products that can communicate with C-Bus, and they are known as C-Bus Enabled Partners. To find out about these products and the third parties behind their manufacture, visit www.cbus-enabled.com.

First and foremost, be sure to ask your C-Bus pointOne member what will suit your environment best.


What are the control mechanisms for a C-Bus system?

Touch screen

Remote controls

Switch – Styles include Neo, Saturn, Reflection and DLT in various different colours.

Sensors that detect occupants and lighting levels

Visit www.clipsal.com/CIS to see what is available.


How can someone tell if an installer or integrator is an accredited member of C-Bus pointOne?

They will be displaying the C-Bus pointOne logo and using C-Bus as the central control system in their automation, lighting control and energy management projects.

All C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professionals are listed in the Find a C-Bus pointOne member section of this website.


Will a C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professional assist with all aspects of an automation, lighting control and energy management project?

In a majority of cases, yes.

Most C-Bus pointOne members can provide design, project management, installation, integration, programming and support services to clients, meaning they are involved in the project from start to finish to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Those members who cannot provide the whole bundle of services, will however have relationships with other companies to ensure you get exactly what you want in your project.

To find out more about the services offered by C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professionals visit the What can C-Bus pointOne do for you? section of this website.

To find out which members offer the services you are looking for in your next project, visit the Find a C-Bus pointOne member section of this website.


Can C-Bus help to save energy costs?


C-Bus has the ability to control occupancy sensors, create timing schedules and provide dimmable lighting.

With occupancy sensors, lights and other equipment will turn off when there is no one in the vicinity for a certain amount of time or as the natural light levels change, and come on again when someone re-enters the room or the natural light becomes dull.

With timing schedules, lights and other equipment will turn of as programmed, which could be at a certain time each night.

And with dimmable lighting, lights can be dimmed so they use less power than normal light globes.

Discuss your individual energy saving needs with your C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professional.


I am a competent computer operator. With training, can I programme changes to my C-Bus equipment and touch screens after installation?

There is nothing to stop you from programming changes to your C-Bus system; however it is highly recommended that you leave that up to the trained professionals at C-Bus pointOne.

There is a great deal of detail that goes into programming a system that is user-friendly. The last thing you want to do is compromise the reliability of your system by making changes. 

That being said, if you have a C-touch colour touch screen, it may be possible for you to make basic changes as necessary using the on-screen tools menu.

Discuss your needs with your C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professional.


What is the best way to control audio visual equipment through C-Bus – RS232 or infra red?

Because RS232 is a ‘two-way’ control protocol, the C-Bus receives confirmation back from your equipment to acknowledge your command has been received.

If you’ve ever been frustrated at having to press a button on your TV remote control several times before something happens, you’ll understand why nothing beats a hard-wired connection.


Is there a power point to match the Saturn switches for C-Bus?

Clipsal has announced the release of a Saturn double power point; available in either black or white to match the C-Bus Saturn switches and touch screens.


How can I easily find a list of C-Bus accredited installers?

Visit the ‘Find an Installer’ section of the Clipsal Integrated Systems website at www.clipsal.com/CIS.


How can I easily find a C-Bus systems integrator, better known as a C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professional?

Visit the Find a C-Bus pointOne member section of this website for a complete list of members around Australia and New Zealand.